Laboratory Products & Solutions

Laboratory Products & Solutions The lab products and solutions business caters to a wide range of laboratory products that are further sub divided into micro verticals such as laboratory chemicals, laboratory consumables, and laboratory equipments.

In line with our performance objectives and delivery excellence framework we supply high quality products and deliver our services to a wide spectrum of industries, notably academic institutes and consumer industries who conduct academic research and industry specific research in the fields of molecular, microbiology, cell biology, life sciences and general sciences in the Sultanate of Oman. We work with our globally renowned partners for high performance products and speciality chemicals including bio chemicals ranging from general-use reagents, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes and substrates, to analysis-specific bio chemicals and world class diagnostics. We continue to expand our product offerings not limiting ourselves to laboratory chemicals but also to highly specialized products to the likes of material science and NanoSciences academics.

We work extensively with the petrochemicals industry in the Sultanate of Oman in order to optimize cost, increase production, improve productivity and always have reliable results from the products and services that we offer. We also are business enablers by enabling our customers to adapt cost saving, energy saving and create everyday life products.

Laboratory Products & Solutions We are a leader today in our spheres of business because of our robust supply chain that we pride in, which we have acquired over years of our extensive exposure, in our areas of business. We combine our expertise in managing a dynamic supply chain with our specialized knowledge in the fields of industrialized storage for chemicals and temperature sensitive products that require varied cooling temperatures. We continue to innovate in the fields of chemical storage and warehousing developing a scalable and more robust process to be adept to our customers in the Sultanate of Oman whose needs change from time to time.

We continue to globally best source products required for our customers who are spread across industries. We ensure that we get the finest and the best product available in the markets so that our customers can continue to be leaders in their areas of business.

Chemistry for life is committed to sustaining and protecting the environment by conducting business in a responsible manner and a manner that is environment friendly. In our commitment to do so we would shortly be collaborating with local enforcement authorities and industry leaders to enhance our service offerings in the field of environment conservation and protection.

We would also be launching an e-commerce platform with a well defined quote to delivery workflow which integrates with our partners supply chain as well. Today our customers see us as innovative and trying to stay ahead of competition creating new stride in our ways of doing day to day business. We have recently been awarder with an ISO 2001 certification for our quality compliance, process orientation and our well defined work flow methodology. Our long term goals are to contribute significantly to the fields of life science and medical research in the Sultanate of Oman enabling our customers to create life saving drugs and world class diagnostics and performance products.

Laboratory Chemicals

  • Analytical Reagent and Solvents
  • Chromatography and Standards
  • Microbiology and Life Sciences
  • Petrochemicals and Allied Chemicals

Laboratory Consumables

  • Laboratory Glassware and Plastic wares
  • Personal Protection and Safety

Laboratory Equipments

  • Analytics and Diagnostics
  • Storage Solutions and Chemicals Warehousing

Water Treatment and Industrial Solvents

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Laboratory Chemicals
Laboratory Consumables
Laboratory Equipments