Her kan du finde adresser, telefonnumre, bedømmelser og åbningstider for meta-name-google-translate-customization-content-7583119e011de099-c874e0027e460134-g0f06d02d35ade214-19-meta Du leder efter meta-name-google-translate-customization-content-7583119e011de099-c874e0027e460134-g0f06d02d35ade214-19-meta, hobbyarbejde, isenkraemmere, vaerkt-j-detail . Google will provide you the input data for “name” and “content”. Hi, Lydia. Meta tags are a type of tag included in your HTML, either in your site header or as attributes in links – effectively descriptors for other tags – that direct web browsers and search engines to parse your site in a particular way.