Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Products & Solutions Chemistry for life strives to meet any types of your demanding laboratory requirements. This is why we partner with leading manufactures to cater to your every laboratory application. Our partners are known in the markets for their world class quality products and they go through some of the stringent quality control procedures that ensure results are always consistent as any similar tests performed anywhere globally.

The quality of the products ensure that they can be not only be used for simple analytics but for like life saving medical /clinical diagnostics and high performance applications like life science and bio chemicals. The product quality is such that it can be used for a wide range of analytical and diagnostic applications and are generally standards by which industry measures quality.

Laboratory Products & Solutions Our quality compliance policies ensures that all chemicals that we supply in Oman to our various customers have all the necessary safety and material handling documentation, and more importantly product traceability where all information is available online and can be downloaded by our customers or could be requested from our contact persons. All products are reliable and consistent to meet any performance requirements however complex or challenging they may be. Our customers bases ranges from academia & government organizations that specialize in the fields of Agriculture, Chemical Synthesis, Environmental analytics and diagnostics to everyday life product creating industries such as food and beverages, water treatment and purifications . The Petrochemical Industry has been one of the largest consumers of Solvents in their laboratory applications.

The advantages of having specialized and leading brands to our supply portfolio is that we are able to handle any kind of requirement however complex they may be such as small volume in specialized packaging to industrialized bulk packing. We are continuously evolving to adept to the industries growing performance demands.

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